Four Brothers International

Four Brothers International has launched Urban Pest Solutions with Quality Product Line for Fumigation and Termites Proofing. These High Quality Products has better results and long lasting residual effects. Four Brothers Urban Pest Solutions provides the professional pest management industry with better solutions for more effective insect control, more comprehensive Partner support and more profitable marketing programs. We are providing Integrated Pest Control Information, advice and products that result in environmentally prudent professional pest control. Our team of trained individuals and our range of products, if used in accordance with recommended guidelines, provide the most effective treatments possible without posing any serious threat to inhabitants or the environment.

Four Brothers Group has jumped into the FMCG arena of the market as related diversification for the organization. This includes Aerosol sprays and mosquito coils to cater the huge demand of the market. Putting ourselves on the competitive edge, we proudly aim to be a part of dish-washing, toilet-cleaning and floor-cleaning segment of the market.

Four Brothers International will also be providing Pet Packed Fresh Fruits and Vegetables with the Brand of "Freshy". Freshy brand will market the Quality Produce of Four Brothers Farms and provides it to Global International Market as well as Local Hyper Stores and Distributors.

First Time in Pakistan, Four Brothers International is introducing Magnetic Technology for Water Structuring which magnetized the water to be in structured molecular form which results into Biologically Active, Oxygenated and Structured Water. We have devices for Drinking and Agricultural Structure Water. By Drinking this Magnetized water, it keeps you Active, Fresh and Addresses the most common health problems, whereas in Agriculture Fields, this technology will help you to get more yield and Saline water that can be used for production.     More Details