Home Liquid Modifier Device

Family Health always comes First!

A set of Magnetec devices are installed in house to completely convert normal, bore or municipal water for drinking and other usage. This installation leads to a number of beneficial effects on Health, Laundry, Savings of Electricity, Gas and Money.

Product Features:

  • Device is designed for magnetizing/structuring the water
  • It reforms unstructured molecules into homogeneous molecular structure
  • Handy, simple and easy installation
  • Durable and No energy cost

Benefits of Installing Magnetic Water Device:

  • Fresh and Anti-aging Skin
  • Protection against Falling Hair
  • Removes Bad Smell from Bathrooms
  • Prevents scaling in pipeline & Keeps it clean
  • Gives relaxing Shower
  • Increases life of Fabric
  • Increases Washing ability of water, thus Decreases 50% use of Detergent.
  • Improves taste in Cooking